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Artists in Conversation

image_for_artist_exchangeWatch this video of Elizabeth Sher and Mary Curtis Ratcliff in a lively conversation on Gallery
Route One’s Artist Exchange, a monthly online event. Both 2 long time Bay Area artists
talk about their work in film and art, installation, artist books and sculpture. Ratcliff’s current
kinetic work uses photography and reflective surfaces to focus on healing and the environment.
Sher’s work in film and 2D art presents her ideas on the health of humans and the environment.
As early feminists and active participants in the Bay Area art scene, their firsthand
remembrances bring the past to life. The presentations of their individual work is accompanied
by images from their careers.

Mercury 20 Gallery

475 25th Street, Oakland CA 94612
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Gallery hours: Friday + Saturday: 12-5pm and by appt