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Peter Honig participating in “Nature Wills Us On”


“Path” by Peter Honig is one of four images included in an online exhibition “Nature Wills Us On”.

We are happy to share with you the current exhibition “Nature Wills Us On” by Curator Gwenda Joyce. She has assembled the work of eight artists “faced with existential challenges …[who]… turn to nature for renewal, comfort, beauty, and respite.”

The exhibition continues on through this Sunday, December 13th.

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Pantea Karimi selected for San Jose’s Holding the Moment exhibition at San Jose Airport.

Pantea Karimi’s poster California Healing,  featuring her stylized depiction of the medicinal native herb Yarrow ,was selected for Holding the Moment, a group art exhibition  representing the City of San Jose. The exhibition venue is the San Jose airport from Nov 2020-April 2021 and is comprised of the work of painters, muralists, graphic artists, photographers, and poets who address themes that reflect on sheltering in place, scenes from quarantine and its’ impact on the individual, community & society,  and the evolving meanings of community in this unprecedented time.

Yarrow, is a hardy pest and drought resistant plant that grows throughout the Bay Area. It  has been used for thousands of years to treat many conditions, as it has anti-bacterial qualities, improves circulation, and promotes clearing of the respiratory tract. Pantea’s colorful and abstracted depiction of this “multi-talented” herb promotes the connection between the environment and healing, reiterating the interconnectedness of plants and animals. The poster received an award of special distinction among the exhibitors.

The original artwork from which the poster design was adapted from, Endemic Healing iii, Yarrow, CA , is available as a limited edition print on linen photo paper. Available for purchase in our store  .

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

These likenesses from photographer Peter Honig are available for purchase online at Mercury 20 Gallery

There are all types of people. I love spending time with some of them, like my niece Lola, who loves to inline skate…

Lola Rollerblading, archival giclée print on watercolor stock, 2017

Others one admires from afar, like the elegant Lady d’Arbanville, for their alluring aloofness

Lady D’Arbanville, archival giclée print on watercolor stock, 2013

Some have incredible fashion sense, like this person testifying under oath, with over-sized bangle…

Oath (woman w/ over-sized bangle), archival giclée print on watercolor stock, 2015

Some characters I don’t admire so much, as much as I wish they’d put their pants back on…

Sentry, archival pigment print, 2014

Some friends of mine are philosophical in nature, like my college roommate, who skulks around with all sorts of excuses…he’s a lovable, verbose loser. He’s still fun to hang around with…

Principles of Failure, archival pigment print, 2017

As much as I find these folks fascinating on their own, when you put two people together, things get interesting.

Portrait of the Artist and His Wife, archival giclée print on watercolor stock, 2015

The Embrace, archival pigment print, 2017

Three Pieces of Metal, archival pigment print, 2017

Yes, I think Stephen Stills said it best –Love the one you’re with!