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20/20 VISION: Small Works Show

December, 2018


20/20 Vision is an annual exhibition and sale of smaller works by Mercury 20 Gallery artists. Participating artists have been invited to respond to the theme of “20/20,” including the ability to see clearly, the number 20, mathematical formulas, and the year 2020. Artists have interpreted this theme with a variety of creative approaches:

ANDREW MIGUEL FULLER’s mixed media work “California Fever-Dreaming” is an absurdist self-reflection on the California psyche and the American West.

KATHLEEN KING’s “There’s Something in There” includes 20 objects wrapped in colored tape, their use and purpose obscured. The concealment challenges the viewer to reconsider the mysterious objects beneath and the space in which they exist.

PANTEA KARIMI is exhibiting a tribute to scientists in the field of optics and astronomy: Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus and Alhazen.

SARA LISCH’s “Breaking Through: Bumps, Holes and Crevices,” challenges our perceived notions of reality in an attempt to see things more clearly.

JILL McLENNAN’s “SeaWeed” paintings depict plastic entangled within seaweed, frightening visions of humanity’s indifference to the detrimental effects of micro plastics on wildlife.

CHARLIE MILGRIM’s kaleidoscopic photographs of viewers at Bill Ham’s light art installation at the De Young’s Summer of Love exhibition psychedelically documents the experience of viewing art while also being a part of it.

MARY CURTIS RATCLIFF’s photographic work, “Aquaflora,” explores how the normal resolution of our vision, seductive and satisfying as it is, can give way to ever finer and more granular perceptions of the hidden beauties of nature.

ELIZABETH SHER’s series “The Undisclosed Nature of Walls” consists of marks made on handmade paper, exploring the physical, emotional and metaphysical secrets that hide in plain sight.

RUTH TABANCAY has hand-embroidered a set of 20 different bacteria into Petri dishes, inspired by her studies in microbiology and work as a hospital laboratory technologist.

The running stitch in LEAH VIRSIK’s 20 little hand-embroidered works represent a meditation of sorts, each embroidered line an attempt to mimic the line next to it. Virsik’s mind desires a repeatable pattern, yet her hand seems to be doing its own thing, the resulting conflict “A Beauty of their Disagreements.”

Jo Ann Biagini
Carlo Fantin
Andrew Miguel Fuller
Kathleen King
Pantea Karimi
Sara Lisch
Jill McLennan
Charlie Milgrim
Mary Curtis Ratcliff
Fernando Reyes
Neocles Serafimides
Elizabeth Sher
Julianne Wallace Sterling
Ruth Tabancay
Kerry Vander Meer
Leah Virsik

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