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Andrew Miguel Fuller + Jeremiah Jerkins: IT’S ALL BEEN SO NICE

June 2019

Its All Been So Nice 2

Things could be better. Consider: global climate collapse. Consider: The Power of Positive Thinking. Everything has gone terribly wrong, exactly as planned, but remember to stay positive. From June 20th to July 27th Andrew Miguel Fuller and Jeremiah Jenkins ruminate on broken, lovely things in the light of a flaming world. The temperature is rising and really, it’s all been so nice.

There are plans, but who knows if they will survive contact with the real world.            -Warren Ellis

Born in Quito, Ecuador, ANDREW MIGUEL FULLER currently lives and works in Oakland, CA. Raised over both North and South America, his work reflects the dreamlike experience of the outsider in his own country. Engaged with the cultural and physical flotsam of Americana, his artwork poses questions of the psychological distance between the human animal and the larger planet on which we live.
JEREMIAH JENKINS was born and raised in the mountains of Tennessee. Growing up with a mother that collected random antiques and constantly going to flea markets gave him a fascination with objects. His work explores the stories behind objects which he uses to discuss important truths about society. His work explores the historical, psychological, and societal elements behind objects and twists them to expose a humorous but dark reality.

Mercury 20 Gallery

475 25th Street, Oakland CA 94612
Tel: 510-701-4620

Gallery hours: Friday + Saturday: 12-5pm and by appt