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February, 2018

Some of the artworks in this exhibit are created from hundreds of feet of metal rod, chopped into tiny pieces and painstakingly reassembled.  Others are assemblages of found objects, fastened so that, together, the thin skins they create suggest something as solid, as singular, as familiar as a pair of shoes or the human body.
They are all born from a fascination with a paradox in the intensive repetition of objects in the physical world.  That is that they simultaneously simplify as they become increasingly complicated.  Repetition within a larger form creates something vast, something heavily textured, and much more complicated than each individual component.  And yet these many individual pieces also become singular.  Out of many, a simplified one arises.  These thin skins aim to be tiny psychic mirrors to their viewer, reflecting partial moments of life and a glimpse into our own inner worlds.
Raised over North and South America, ANDREW MIGUEL FULLER‘s sculpture reflects the dreamlike experience of the outsider in his own country.  Formally educated in the study of Society & Environment from the University of California at Berkeley, his artwork often poses questions of the psychological distance between the human animal and the larger planet on which we live.

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