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May 28, 2021 – July 3, 2021

Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the decommissioned Bethlehem Steel factory endures as an unexpected public attraction. During its long reign from 1857-2003 Bethlehem facilitated many of America’s major architectural and industrial efforts.

In Bethlehem Resurrected, Charlie Milgrim romanticizes the history that lives on in this monumental, dystopian landscape. For this small show, she “Resurrects” these 2017 works a year-and-a-half into the Covid 19 pandemic crisis, as a projection of optimism.

"Twilight over Bethlehem," 2017, Limited edition on heavy archival paper, 24 x 31 inches

Available Work

Charlie Milgrim Plane

Charlie Milgrim

Charlie Milgrim is an Oakland based sculptor, installation artist, photographer and painter. She has had major solo exhibitions at OK Harris, New York City; Haines Gallery and Gallery 16, San Francisco; The Oakland Museum and the Richmond Art Center.  She has been an active participant in the Bay Area arts community through exhibition and curation, and is a member of the Mercury 20 Gallery, where this will be her fifteenth solo show.

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