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Charlie Milgrim: Stealth Reverie

October 2011

"Stealth Reverie" (2012), Tar Paper, 3.5 x 20 feet (or variable)

Skillfully re-contextualizing roofing tar paper into a squadron of paper planes, Charlie Milgrim presents an installation that seems to harbor a dark half-life as if to celebrate its creation is to simultaneously invite its demise. The artist points out that so many of the policies in our “democracy” are decided behind closed doors. She calls them “stealth” decisions as the people don’t know what’s coming down until it’s too late and we find ourselves neck deep in debt with an environment completely compromised. The dreamy success of all these deceptions is the stuff of Milgrim’s reverie.

Charlie Milgrim was born in New York City. She received a BFA from California College of the Arts and an MFA from UC Berkeley. She has exhibited her work at OK Harris Gallery in New York City, the Oakland Museum, the Haines Gallery in San Francisco, Works Gallery in San Jose, and has work in many private collections including the Di Rosa Collection in Napa CA. Her studio is in Berkeley next to the railroad tracks.

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