Charlie Milgrim: Water in Motion

September 10th, 2021 – October 16th, 2021

The work of Charlie Milgrim often examines the ties and lies between history, science, and culture, whether considering environmental degradation, conspicuous consumption, or the relationship between money and militarism. She works in painting, sculpture, installation, and photography, and with a wide range of materials including bowling balls, discarded objects, and folded tar paper.

Water’s fluid dynamics — the gyrations of the Gulf Stream and the swirling eddies and vortices of river flows — are the phenomena of nature that inform her latest body of work, Water in Motion. These new paintings explore the chaos and randomness in the circulation of water. Rivers and currents in their chaotic movement constantly seek to balance the forces of gravity, momentum, and friction. Milgrim’s paintings arrest those forces in a frozen moment, paying homage to our greatest and most threatened natural resource.


Charlie Milgrim

Charlie Milgrim is an Oakland based sculptor, installation artist, photographer and painter. She has had major solo exhibitions at OK Harris, New York City; Haines Gallery and Gallery 16, San Francisco; The Oakland Museum and the Richmond Art Center.  She has been an active participant in the Bay Area arts community through exhibition and curation, and is a member of the Mercury 20 Gallery, where this will be her fifteenth solo show.