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David Maxim: Moments

August 2016

David Maxim
David Maxim: "Moment #13" (2015), oil on canvas with hinge

The diptych and triptych paintings that David Maxim presents in his exhibition Moments show clouds set within a context of abstraction. The sky panel is attached to the other by a hinge so that its plane of view can be changed slightly so as to suggest continual motion either sideways similar to a door or up/down like a transom. The larger abstract areas have painterly gestures that may or may not reference clouds or they may be more Minimalist/Post-Minimalist oriented. Post-Minimal because content is meant to be read into those panels as it also is for more gestural ones. The artist intends the union of the two images to indicate that there is something other transcendent and cosmic that is far greater than the visible world. As awesome as natural phenomena are to us, all is but a part of a much larger scheme.

David Maxim was born in Los Angeles CA and received his MA from UCLA. He has exhibited nationally and internationally at Space 743, San Francisco, Tomas Gherke Gallery, Hamburg, Foster Goldstrom Gallery, New York, Hearst Art Gallery at St. Mary’s College, Moraga CA, and New York Academy of Art, New York.

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