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David Seiler: eWork/Muwekma

June 2009


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Aaron Geman

Five to Nine Thoughts and Some Shit that Sells

David Seiler


Mercury 20 Gallery

25 Grand Ave. (at Broadway)

Oakland CA 94612

Exhibition dates: June 5 ヨ June 27 2009

Opening Reception: Friday June 5 from 6-9pm (in conjunction with Oakland Art Murmur)

Meet the artists at Afternoon After: Saturday June 6 from 12-4pm

Aaron Geman is an inventor. Presently he invents art. The artistic realm finds Gemanメs inventions unfettered by practical limitations. As an engineer he conceives a rotary engine to power a vehicle. As an artist he conceives an art machine to express thought. Among the engine’s largest obstacles are thermodynamics and material science while the art machine faces mainly the artistメs own critique. Geman creates precise elegant machines from unlikely materials such as junkyard motors and bicycle grease. He sculpts with steel wood light and acrylic but also incorporates drinking straws and sewing pins. He invents thought-conveying machines.


Aaron Geman Existential Dilemma steel wire motor photo credit: Douglas Spielman

Aaron Geman arrived in the Bay Area in 2007 to present and install a mechanical puzzle/sculpture prototype to Google. His installation at Google was part of a quest to fund a larger permanent version of the prototype. Towards this pursuit Aaron had taken an indefinite leave from Brown University and driven across the country. He now does metalwork at his West Oakland warehouse where he also develops new kinetic sculpture. Aaron was a final round selectee for the Artist-in-Residence program at San Francisco Recycling and Disposal Inc. and received the Editor’s Choice Award at Maker Faire 2008. He was recently commissioned by the City of Piedmont to design and create an award for their 4th of July Parade. In June he will be presenting work at the San Jose Tech Museum’s 10 Year Anniversary.

The multimedia work of artist David Seiler imagines a chaotic turbulent fantasy land. Pink girls smash explode run touch and cry as they enact dances of the Muwekma–the indigenous people of the East Bay–in a future Oakland sculpture park. The artistメs astonishing visions in sculpture drawing and painting result from his life and its current process and are inspired by the past and future streets of this great Land of Oak for the strange yet beautiful times in which we live.


David Seiler Studio View 2009 photo credit: David Seiler

Born and raised in the Bay David Seiler graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco with a degree in Sculpture. He lives works bikes and loves in Oakland CA.

In the Backspace: A group exhibition featuring current painting photography sculpture and mixed media from gallery artists.