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June 16th – July 22nd, 2023

Silent Remembering is an exhibition that circles a task assigned to Rosenberg while working with a cognitive therapist during her healing from a mini-stroke in 2021. While the brain injury was minimal, Rosenberg struggled when listening to people telling personal stories because holding together patterns and details was a challenge. She was assigned a task to recall stories linearly and to pay attention to the order of details. As the exercise continued, Rosenberg wrote snippets of texts and developed abstract spaces that became a more fluid and creative counteraction to linear storytelling. The abstractions are an experiential remembering without identifiable voice, place, or narrative. Rosenberg also uses text with abstract paintings for associative connections to build new meanings.

Rosenberg’s material process happens mainly on the floor of her studio, where the raw canvas is walked upon and catches poured paint. Then to see what remains in the fabric of the canvas, she washes the canvas and responds further to the marks that stayed. By adding painted strips of canvas dripping with acrylic paint, Rosenberg collages on the top surface, creating optimal color combinations in fields of abstraction. The collaged lines appear empty or silent in memories and leave room for texts placed within the space to activate poetic associations.

Nght Lines Via Mexico 2023
KC Rosenberg, Night Lines Via Mexico (2023), 22 x 55 inches, Acrylic on washed canvas
Kc Photo

Dr KC Rosenberg

Dr. KC Rosenberg is an Associate Professor at California College of The Arts (CCA), in San Francisco. She teaches studio art and design for first-year college students with an emphasis on the practice of making, color theories, and critical thinking. Rosenberg also conducts ethnographic research emphasizing visual arts education as a tool for learning necessary social skills across disciplines.

Distinctly Northern Californian, born in Kentfield, CA, Rosenberg’s family was part of The Human Potential Movement. Her father was a dentist turned psychotherapist in 1968 when he founded his school of psychoanalysis (Integrative Body Psychotherapy). Rosenberg’s mother studied law and was inspired by the women’s movement emerging in Berkeley, CA, in the ’60s and 70’s.

KC lost her mother to cancer as a teen. Her mother was one of the first hospice patients in Northern California in 1973-1978. This family death experience remains prevalent in KC’s art, as she incorporates concepts of empathic connections, phenomenology, and the affordance of time.

Rosenberg simultaneously collaborates in a duo artistic practice as RoCoCo with Bay Area artist Modesto Covarrubias. Her solo Exhibitions include Casserole Night, Mercury 20, Oakland, CA., dam’zel, Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco, CA., Sedimental Sentiments, Introductions, Center for Contemporary Arts, Sacramento, CA. Rosenberg’s works are included in the Alameda County Art Collection.

Dr. Rosenberg earned her Ed.D. from the University of Southern California in Organizational Change and Leadership (2020); her MFA in Studio Art from University of California, Davis (1994); and a BFA in Printmaking, with high distinction, from the California College of the Arts in Oakland (1987). She was awarded a residency at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (1993).

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