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Jill McLennan: Garage Sale

September 2016

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Laurel St. (2016) oil paint, encaustic,artist's photos, street art and historic documents on wood panel 20" x 30"

Garage Sale is a show about historic preservation, displacement and the issues surrounding Oakland residents and small businesses today. As a long-term resident of the mixed use-neighborhood called Jingletown, and as a member of the artist-run gallery Mercury 20 located in the Arts District of Uptown, McLennan is witnessing urban change in both places. She investigates the Historic Garage District that is now Oakland’s Arts District through historic documents, photography, drawings, paintings, and ceramics. In other works she explores the demolition of “The Last Giant in Jingletown” symbolizing the transition of this neighborhood from industrial to residential. Through her art McLennan strives to preserve the history of the neighborhoods of Oakland as she documents the rapid changes she observes.

Jill McLennan has been an active artist and art teacher in the urban environment of Oakland for 16 years. Her focus is to observe, preserve and document all that she experiences in the city. As an art educator she inspires and empowers youth to express themselves through the arts. In 2012 she launched JMAC: Jill McLennan Arts & Community to help facilitate her expertise in the art world and to guide students in developing their creative voice. She is a founding member of her neighborhood organization JABC: Jingletown Arts and Business Community working on various projects from Open Studios to neighborhood beautification. McLennan has been an integral member of Mercury 20 Gallery for eight years.

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