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Jo Ann Biagini: And Again

April 2016

"Red" (2016), mixed media on paper, 25" x 38" (photo by the artist)

In And Again, Jo Ann Biagini continues to explore the natural world using book pages and wallpaper as a point of departure. Reconfiguring book pages and playing with imagery, shape, color, and scale she conjures up new stories about the natural world.

In this new work, a repetition of abstract circles and dots suggest an invisible communication network among living things, or components of a larger system. Biagini is an improvisor, using additive and subtractive techniques to incorporate many layers of material and image. These elements move energetically in and out, creating a rich, multidimensional space.

Born in Oakland, California, Jo Ann received an MFA in Ceramics from the California College of the Arts in 1993. She works at Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland.

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