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Joanna Salska: Masks and Mirrors

August 2016

Joanna Salska.jpg
Joanna Salska: "PersonaB" (2016) Platinum brush pigment print 5" x 7" (image by the artist)

For Joanna Salska every face reveals a story of an anxious masquerade and with photographs and paintings in her new show Masks and Mirrors her motive is to capturing and exaggerating those stories. Salska focuses intense scrutiny on tangible physicality as well as intangible perception when studying her subject, often adding elements to her portrayals in order to intensify what she sees as absurd dislocations between authentic pain and the facades of social convention or as she says, “…the frightening moment when the true self of unmediated human need emerges from the false self.”

Joanna Salska was born in Poland and received her MFA from Warsaw Academy of Fine Art. She is a painter and interdisciplinary artist who is passionate about political and social issues and human psyches. Her work has been shown at Foster Goldstrom Fine Arts, Allrich Gallery, PII Roszkowska Galleries and others. She was invited twice to Beijing Biennale and her paintings are in many collections including Beijing Museum, Pamela Bonino, Yaddo Foundation, Washington Museum of Women in the Arts and many other private collections. She divides her time between Berkeley and Warsaw currently beginning a PhD program at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and working with art galleries in Europe and the United States.

Saturday Aug 13, Opening Reception & Artist Talks, 5-7 pm
Aug 18, Third Thursdays on 25th Street, 6-8 pm
Sep 2, First Friday Art Murmur, 6-9 pm
Sep 15, Third Thursdays on 25th Street, 6-8 pm

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