May 28, 2021 – July 3, 2021

Earth Station Landline is a communication system of old-fashioned telephones that sends
sound through plant growth patterns. Pink Salvia Antenna glows like a radio tower emanating
phyllotactic pulses. Rhizosphere is a layered surface that riffs on the entangled soil-root-plant
interface. Johanna Poethig’s Terrestrial Earth Station series connects in a narrative that unfolds in the Quasi
Extraterratropo zine. The patterns that connect all this work are the mathematical renderings
of algorithms of plant growth, manipulated to open up the space in the compositions visually
and conceptually. 

"Rhizosphere," acrylic and spray paint on wood, 14.5 x 14.5 inches, SOLD
"Earth Station Landline," acrylic and spray paint on wood, 12 x 42 inches, $1,800
"Quasi Extraterratropo Zine," Volume 1, $10 each
"Quasi Extraterratropo Zine," Volume 2, $10 each