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KC Rosenberg: Casserole Night Series 2008-2015

May 2015

KC Rosenberg: "Train Wreck Supper" (From Casserole Night Series 2008-2015) acrylic on canvas 15" x 16" (photo by the artist).

When KC Rosenberg‘s mom persuasively said “It’s Casserole Night!” it meant they’d be rehashing leftovers into a new meal in order to save time and resources. Rosenberg’s Casserole Night series comes of a driven challenge to use every drip of paint and put every studio move and impulse into a work. Layers of grids and dots in vibrant, active repetition become an ordering of instances: breath suspended, pattern shifted… encapsulating life’s tiniest and yet momentous evidence into one-pot canvases. Nothing goes to waste as Rosenberg allows the momentum or excess of one canvas to become the basis for the next with not a single gap between starting and ending the works.

The artist is questioning her involvement in the erudite practice of painting by mucking up the sink with grit and irony; titles such as Adios Sunset Surprise, Train Wreck Dinner, and Upsy Downsy World Goo are cookbook readymades chosen after the abstractions are complete. Abstract expressionism, conceptualism and cheese are all part of Rosenberg’s artistic pantry. Casserole Night is an open-duration series begun in 2008 but this is the first time canvases will be shown in a comprehensive exhibit.

KC Rosenberg is an Associate Professor and First Year Program Chair at California College of the Arts, Oakland/SF. Solo exhibitions include: dam’zel¬†at Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco, California, and Sedimental Sentiments, Introductions, at Center for Contemporary Arts, Sacramento, California. KC is included in the Alameda County Art Collection. She has coordinated exhibitions including Who’s the Fairest of Them All? Women considering social justice in the everyday at Hang Art in San Francisco. Rosenberg graduated with high distinction from the printmaking program at California College of Arts, won a residency at The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and was awarded her MFA in Studio Art from UC Davis, CA.


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