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Kerry Vander Meer: syzygy

September 2014

“Green Grass and Cartwheels” (2014), 5 x 4 feet x 6 inches

Kerry Vander Meer offers definitions of syzygy from the dictionary and wikipedia:

1. The configuration of the sun the moon and Earth lying in a straight line.
2. An archetypal pairing of contrasexual opposites symbolizing the communication of the conscious and unconscious minds.
3. A term used by Carl Jung to mean a union of opposites.

Vander Meer uses the name syzygy as it points to three things lying in a (not necessarily) straight line: the show includes three paintings three sculptures and thirty-three works on paper forming a configuration in the gallery other than that of a straight line.

The word syzygy itself is vibrant and playful reminding the artist of synergy or sizzle but the official definitions and usage carry some weight. The same can be said for this artist. Vander Meer is a seasoned artist who has been able to let the rhythms of salsa music move her to dance in her studio as she worked on these pieces that are clearly the real deal.

This show embodies her love of materials and the relationships of harmony and beauty. She takes satisfaction in using homely, discarded materials such as cardboard tubes and duct tape in ways that bring them to life with that synergy and sizzle she loves. She is donating a portion of sales from this show to the venerable Women Environmental Artist Directory (WEAD).

Kerry Vander Meer received her MFA in sculpture from Mills College. She has taught art in many venues including Creative Growth Art Center and gives mixed media workshops in various countries. Her work explores the natural world through multiple medi, from painting to printmaking, performance and sculpture. Her diverse work has been presented at museums, galleries, universities and honored with multiple residencies – in Spain, Ireland, New York, California, and Mexico. Her works appear in collections in U.S., Germany, Spain, Ireland, China, and Japan.

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