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Leah Markos: Standard Indications

April 2015

Leah Markos.jpg
Leah Markos: "float" series detail (2015) upholstered cushion foam sizes vary (photo by the artist)

Standard Indications is a new installation by conceptual artist Leah Markos that connects back to her 2013 solo show Pennants but with a more playful aesthetic. Battles over ownership power and pride take place in an ice-cream-parlor atmosphere. Transparent acrylic flags slightly menacing but anchored and adorned with color and patterned bits cheerfully evoke notions such as empty patriotism, national identity and the comfort of living with (or without) the pomp and pride of tribalism. Upholstered cushions in shapes of states and countries manage to blur and define border lines simultaneously. And stylized animal parts are branded with decorative candy-colored flag icons, pawns in this sweet little global war we watch from our comfortable armchairs.

Leah Markos is a virtual native of the Bay Area. Her BFA was largely focused on painting and drawing but she has been magnetically and irrevocably drawn to creating sculptural works and installations for the past decade.

Reception: April 18, 2-4 pm with Artist Talk at 3pm
Third Thursday: April 16, 6-8pm
First Friday: May 1, 6-9pm

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