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Monika Mayer: Flow

February 16 – March 23, 2024

‘Flow’ represents a cohesive body of work Monika Mayer started during the pandemic when the world seemed upside down. Using different media and techniques such as stitching, stapling, and embroidery, Mayer explores identity, connectedness, and a sense of place. Inspired by nature, she started experimenting with coffee, ink, and stitching on canvas. Over time, the two-dimensional pieces morphed into three-dimensional sculptures constructed from repurposed materials like inner tubes and fused plastic. By using familiar materials in unfamiliar ways, she evokes ambiguity. 

Monika Mayer, Soft Sculpture No 1 Detail 2022 Inner Tubes Staples
Monika Mayer, Soft Sculpture # 1 (detail), 2023, inner tubes, staples, photo courtesy of the artist


Available Work

    Portrait Monika Mayer

    Monika Mayer

    Monika Mayer is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Berkeley, CA. She grew up in a rural area of Germany where she was exposed to a rich tradition of textile craft and making from a young age. Drawing inspiration from nature and personal experiences, Mayer’s multidisciplinary practice is based on experimenting with everyday material texture, pattern, color; and repetitive mark-making. Working across a broad range of media, including inner tubes, soccer balls, canvas and paint, Mayer creates abstract two- and three-dimensional work. She often incorporates traditional textile techniques such as knitting or embroidery in unusual ways to give her artwork additional color and life. Her approach is experimental, her creative process intuitive and iterative, often layering techniques to create organic textures and dimensions.

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