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Nick Dong: Matter / Antimatter

May, 2018

Nick Dong has created an experimental multi-media installation for the front window of the Mercury 20 Gallery.  Facing the street is the “Matter” side of his installation, a mirror filling the entire gallery window, but with several holes for viewing his finely detailed metallic objects that appear to hover and spin in space. Facing the interior of the gallery is the “Antimatter” side, a black acrylic wall, also with viewing holes in which are found other floating objects.  In contemplating reality, Dong has utilized a form of Buddhist meditation practice called “visualization.”
NICK DONG is a multi-disciplinary hybrid of conceptual metalsmith, mixed-media sculptor, and socio-commodity engineer who employs an array of techniques and materials with the intention of creating works that ignite an experiential moment and even a spiritual bond with the audience. In 2012, Nick was selected by Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum to be included in the 40 under 40, Craft Futures exhibition. Over the the past 3 years, Nick has produced solo exhibitions in Asia University Museum of Modern Art, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art and National Taichung Theater.
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