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NICK DONG: Mendsmith Project

August, 2019


It all started when a dear friend of Nick Dong lost her husband and all that remained was his wedding ring.

Given his background as a jeweler, Dong felt that he could do more than offer heartfelt condolences; rather, he could use his skills to take both his friend and her partner’s wedding rings and forge them into something new, something she could hold onto as an eternal representation of love long after the marriage vows had broken. The ring Dong created for her–a combination of the couple’s wedding rings that set her ring inside her partner’s ring, fixing them in an eternal embrace–is just the start of a project he hopes will enable others to heal through the repurposing of these symbols of love and commitment.

Thus, the Mendsmith Project was born.

Visitors to the exhibition who would like to participate in this project are asked to bring two jewelry pieces or other small objects of personal significance to be “mended,” one belonging to the visitor and one belonging to the visitor’s loved one. During the scheduled consultation, Dong will ask the visitor to share stories and memories of the lost loved one. Photos, letters, or other artifacts will help Dong understand their special relationship. Dong will work with the visitor to create a concept and design a new piece of jewelry for the visitor with the two objects brought in as the material. The finished piece will be given back to the participants free of charge.

To reserve your free Mend-Smith consultation, please email info@studiodong.com. Limited Availability.

Dong will be making the piece in the gallery during the gallery’s opening hours so the participants and visitors may watch the work as it unfolds.

NICK DONG is a multidisciplinary artist whose experiential mixed-media sculptures, wearable objects, and installations combine an advanced knowledge of materials and technique with a gift for elevating an audience’s experience beyond the optical. By seamlessly integrating sophisticated engineering and metalsmithing components, supernatural movements, light, sound, and various interactive or situational strategies, Dong’s practice creates a fully immersive event, only complete once a participant’s encounter is initiated.

Consultation: Thursdays, noon to 6pm
Mendsmithing: Fridays and Saturdays, noon to 6pm

– Artists Reception: Saturday, August 10, 4-6, artist talk 4:30
– First Friday Art Murmurs: August 2 & September 6, 6-9pm

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