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P.K. Frizzell, Kathleen King, Jayne Biehn, & Mary Curtis Ratcliff

February 10th- March 25th , 2023 First Friday: March 3rd​

P.K.Frizzell collaborates with Kathleen King to  present  Evidence of Things Unknown

Climbing the gallery wall ten feet vertically, the
work consists of detritus collected from city streets, arranged as if
nature had deposited it after a storm. Pieces and arrangements of debris
commonly devalued and deemed insignificant are presented for
re-consideration. These urban remains explore a beauty that is enhanced
and expanded by time, use and chance. Lenses and mirrors reflect and
distort the found materials —and the viewer—revealing hidden moments and
shifting perspectives. Battered traffic cones are remnants of
authority, now subsumed into the continuity of the scattered
accumulation, hanging in the balance.


Commissions for site-specific work in this style acccepted.


Mary Curtis Ratcliff – Pelican Variations

“Roses and Ribbons” and “Gulf Stream”  are variations  from the same composition, based on silhouettes of pelicans in flight. All nine collages in the series contain pages cut from a book of 1950s wallpaper samples found in an antique shop in Alameda. But that’s where the similarities end. The legibility of the pelicans’ forms varies from one collage to another, depending on the contrast relations between figure and ground. 

$400.00 each

MCR_roses _and_ribbons&gulfstream

Jayne Biehn

Works are studies in light, color, and form. Layers of disparate elements come together fluently to find relief. Immersive, inspiring, challenging, and connected. Abstract shapes and textures reveal hidden meanings that serve as a catalyst for story-telling. Each experience different. Each experience thought-provoking.


P.K. Frizzell

P.K. Frizzell lives in Berkeley, CA and works in Oakland, CA. Her work has been included in exhibitions at galleries throughout California, including Rena Bransten Gallery and Upper Market Street Gallery in San Francisco, Elizabeth Fortner Gallery in Santa Barbara, and the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Los Angeles. When Frizzell is not engaged in art making, she’s busy playing fiddle in the Bay Area bluegrass band, Redwing.

IMG_1375 (Edited)

Kathleen King

Kathleen King was born in Oakland, CA and works in Berkeley, CA. She is a visual artist focusing on assemblage, sculpture and installation. Her work explores states of coexistence, contingency and control, drawing attention to how we make our social environments and are, in turn, made by them. King recently had a solo exhibition at Pro Arts Gallery + Commons in Oakland. In 2020, Pro Arts Gallery + Commons published a catalog of her exhibit Kathleen King: Aided, Inspired, Multiplied.


Mary Curtis Ratcliff

Mary Curtis Ratcliff majored in sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design in the 1960s, and then moved to New York, where she was a founding member of the radical collective Videofreex. After her move to California in 1973, Ratcliff’s wind sculptures and ceremonial pieces were used in the early eco-feminist movement; later works continued to unite fabric and craft with a sculptural sense of design. Beginning in 1999, Ratcliff concentrated primarily on 2-dimensional work, integrating photography, drawing, painting, and image transfer techniques in multi-layered, intricate explorations of nature, pattern and perception. Over the past five years, she has returned to circular, kinetic sculptures that now incorporate her photographic imagery.

Ratcliff’s artwork has been shown in well over one hundred exhibitions around the world. It is represented locally in the collections of the Oakland Museum of California and The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. She has participated in residencies in the United States, France, Japan, and New Zealand. She lives and works in Berkeley, CA and is a member of both Oakland’s Mercury 20 Gallery and the Siy Gallery in San Francisco.


Jayne Biehn

Jayne Biehn (b.1964) is an Oakland-based creator of mixed media works, integrating printed paper, acrylic, oil sticks, thread, and graphite. Jayne managed her own graphic design business for 10 years developing logos and identity systems for corporate and small business clients.
She studied Fine Art at the University of CA Irvine, graduated with a BA in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Southern CA and studied Abstract Painting at California College of Arts.

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