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Peter Honig: The Last Waltz

November 2009

Honig Dream Of Flight.jpg

Peter Honig & Kathleen King: The Last Waltz
Photography paintings sculpture

Exhibition dates: November 6-28 2009
Opening Reception: Friday November 6 from 6-9pm (in conjunction with Oakland Art Murmur)
Artistメs Reception: Saturday November 7 from 12-3pm

Peter Honigメs photographic images of ragged and intimate assemblages resonate with a nervous laughter. His highly technical playful and somewhat morbid artistic activity is funny and horrifying.


Peter Honig Dream of Flight 2009 photograph

In Honigメs universe the reclining nude is reinvented as a skeletal bird in bed dreaming of flight and a lone wildcat with a head fashioned from a fishing weight rusts in a field of wilted leaves. Inherent in his work is a conflict between the monumental scale of the imagery and the fragmented scenarios of psychological intimacy depicted in his モmodel worldsヤ. This reflexive self-conscious blurring of the distinction between internal dialogues and external realities is a central and recurrent theme in both his sculptural and photographic work.

A native of Boston Peter Honig has a BA in art history and fine art photography from Hampshire College in Amherst MA. He has exhibited his fine art widely in the Bay Area has worked for numerous publications as a photographer and taught photography at UC Berkeleyメs ASUC Art Studio.
Kathleen King is fifty-three years old. Sheメs losing her balance. Her bones are dissolving. Her ongoing experience with her own vulnerability as well as with the precarious global future has brought her to the awareness that reality can be measured by objects in the process of change: disappearing and becoming something new. Past work has explored complexity but currently King has begun to make reductive paintings and painted objects finding the possibilities in an eccentric minimalism. The artist corresponds in earnest empathy with newfound materialsラPVC pipe painterメs tape scrap wood spray paintラnormally relegated to urban walls building sites and dumpsters. She seeks to create a material display that makes a poetic connection to the adjustments we all make between present and future.


Kathleen King Future Perfect 2009 spray paint wood
Kathleen King was born in Oakland CA and has a BA in Art from UC Berkeley. Her work has been exhibited locally at Pro Arts Hang Gallery and 66 Balmy and is represented in numerous private collections.


in the back gallery…

Jo Ann Biagini Chela Fielding Tarra Lyons Charlie Milgrim: Swan Song
paintings sculpture mixed media

Exhibition dates: November 6-28 2009

Opening Reception: Friday November 6 from 6-9pm (in conjunction with Oakland Art Murmur)
Artistメs Reception: Saturday November 7 from 12-3pm

Jo Ann Biagini Black & White 2009 mixed media
Jo Ann Biagini combines image transfer drawing and collage to create works on paper that merge multi-layered images with nuanced surfaces. Biaginiメs pieces create a visual poetry uncovering connections and relationships among juxtaposed elements from the biological and natural worlds.

Chela Fielding Oakland Rolodex 2009
Chela Fielding is a sculptor fascinated by the cast-off elements of peoplesメ lives. She conjures up narratives by giving castoffs new identities and inspirations. Her sculptures speak to the universal experience of our discarded layers and todayメs detritus that once was a daily part of our lives.

Tarra Lyons Morula (detail) oil on panel
Tarra Lyons paints organic abstractions that vibrate with deeply-felt symbol color texture and surface to create a resonant visual poetry. Current imagery includes morulas embryonic divisions botanical forms sprouting seeds tubers and plant life that emulate structures in animal and human life.

Charlie Milgrim Piece for Monroe (ladder ball music) 2008

Charlie Milgrim sees the future through a lens of the shaken up past beyond the precipice of the present. Using materials that would otherwise become landfill such as discarded bowling balls Milgrim re-contextualizes them to function as conceptual reminders of delicately balanced or potentially destructive forces both natural and political.

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