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PK FRIZZELL: Humpty Dumpty

September, 2018


PK Frizzell’s multi-media audio/visual installation is a plea to humankind to deal with climate change NOW.  Imagery is projected onto video screens made of trash, accompanied by sounds of children, playground noises, and a mix of electronic music and Monteverdi.  The installation includes projected video depicting the creation of life on earth, and an animation of children on a teeter totter, flying playfully yet uneasily into an uncertain environment and future.

PK FRIZZELL has been making art in the Bay area for the past half century.  She has shown work throughout the U.S. and Asia.  She has been affiliated with Mercury 20 Gallery for 9 years.  Much of her recent work is concerned with the intersection of human spirituality, empathetic impulses and the human capacity for brutality and destructiveness.

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