PK Frizzell: Moments of Grace

August 13 – September 19, 2015

Moments of Grace, PK Frizzell‘s title work is a video installation exploring the intersection of our intangible selves with our physical bodies. Video projections show us shadows projected over aesthetically rich “trash”. Shadow represents the essential part of us, the profoundly intangible the way a shadow is nothing not even light. Detritus is a metaphor for our physical self which becomes battered over the course of a lifetime and is made out of what is essentially trash (viruses, bacteria, a few chemicals, water etc). In concert, this ” trash” and this “nothing” create a magnificent being. This piece evokes moments of grace we experience in the arc of our lives. The detritus used in the main installation was generated by the making of a series of paintings, also on view, called Dive Bar Light Source.

PK Frizzell has worked as an artist in the Bay Area for the past 40 years and has shown extensively throughout the United States during that time. She has been with Mercury 20 Gallery since 2010.

Reception: Saturday, August 15, 4-6 pm with Artist Talk at 4.30
Third Thursdays on 25th Street: August 20, 6-8pm
Another Third Thursday on 25th Street: September 17, 6-8pm
Art Murmur First Friday: September 4, 6-9pm