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September, 2019

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1. To become woven together, interlaced, or intermingled
2. Complicated in structure; consisting of interconnected parts

Sara Lisch’s new show Interwoven weaves together her creative process, personal history and subconscious in order to reflect the interconnectedness of the world around and within us. Her work incorporates clay, wood, fabric and string to create a dynamic interplay between material and ideas.

SARA LISCH has shown in Seattle, New York, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago. She has also exhibited pieces at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA. and Flint Art Museum in Flint, MI. She has been a proud member of Mercury 20 since 2016 and this is her second solo show.

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475 25th Street, Oakland CA 94612
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Gallery hours: Friday + Saturday: 12-5pm and by appt