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FEBRUARY 3 – MARCH 18, 2023


“This is more than a round robin. It seems to have become a living journal, chronicling the times and connection of the sisterhood to overcome and shine through it all!”

—Victoria Drake

A group of fourteen women—artists with a variety of skill sets—have produced a collection of pandemic art quilts over the past few years, creating unique pieces of art and helping strengthen bonds of friendship. The round robin quilt project began in August 2019, before the pandemic, to honor one member’s mother, but evolved to become a support system during the isolation and challenges of the pandemic.

 Round robin quilting is a collaborative project where the ‘owner’ makes the first block, or square, followed by each member of the group contributing a section or component. The artists agreed that there would be no rules, allowing for out of the box interpretations of their contribution.

Some of the quilts are three dimensional, with plastic soldiers incorporated into a section; some are small and others are much larger; and one quilt was started from pieces from another quilt, passed down in the family. In addition, some of the contributors never sewed prior to this project, while others are skilled seamstresses and embroiderers. All are one-of-a-kind and lovingly worked on by the fourteen participants; none would be called ordinary.


This group, fondly referred to as the Stitch & Bitchers, have been gathering for many years. Originally connected through their work in the live action and stop motion animated film industry, these women found their way together through a shared desire to make art and foster friendship.


Susie Alegria

Leigh Barbier

Jean Bolte

Jessica Cadkin

Victoria Drake

Peggy Hrastar

Christine Lashaw

Terry Molatore

Sarah Pyle

Ellen Ridgway

Gretchen Scharfenberg

Julie Slinger

Lauren Vogt

Melanie Walas

Terry Molatore Quilt
Susie Alegria Quilt Detail
Susie Alegria quilt detail
Sarah Pyle Quilt Detail
Sarah Pyle quilt detail
Jean Bolte Quilt
Jean Bolte quilt
Jean Bolte Quilt
Jean Bolte quilt
Gretchen Scharfenberg Quilt
Gretchen Scharfenberg Quilt
Chrstine Lashaw Quilt Detail
Chrstine Lashaw quilt detail
Christine Lashaw And Peggy Hrastar
Christine Lashaw and Peggy Hrastar
Melanie Walas Quilt Detail

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