Mercury 20 Gallery FAQs

Is the gallery open every day?

The gallery is open every Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 6pm.  We are closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

What is the advantage of working with an artist-run gallery?

At an artist-run gallery you are in direct contact with the artists. You will get information and background about the work from the people who create it. You can begin and maintain a relationship with artists and their work. At Mercury 20, the artist receives 90% of the purchase price you pay and 10% goes to gallery maintenance.

Is the work in the gallery for sale?

All the work in the gallery is for sale unless specifically marked NFS (not for sale).

How can I buy it?

We accept cash, check or major credit card. You can come in anytime the gallery is open and someone will help you. We also have an online shop at with many items for sale from our artists.

Do I need an appointment?

You can come in to view the work and/or make a purchase during our posted hours or you can make an appointment. Contact us at or 510.701.4620 to set up an appointment.

Can you offer help with the selection process?

We are happy to help with your art selection process. One of the great things about working with Mercury 20 Gallery is that you can get an artists’ perspective on the work and the selection process. It can be very helpful to bring measurements of your walls, photographs of the space where the work will be installed, floor plans, as well as examples of artists whose work you like.

Can I photograph artworks in the gallery?

You are welcome to photograph artworks. We can also provide you with images we have on file


Can I take an artwork home and try it out before buying it?

You may negotiate a short trial period with the artist. Some artists are amenable to that and some are not. Another helpful way to make the decision is to take a photo of the artwork and think about it overnight.

When can I take the piece I bought home with me?

Usually we ask buyers to wait until the six-week run of a show is over to pick up the work they have purchased. The artist or the gallery will make arrangements with you for pick up. Sometimes we have a “cash-and-carry” group show where you can take the work immediately.

Can I pay in installments?

Payment plans are available through the individual artist. You may be able to pay on time if the artist can accommodate it.

Are prices negotiable?

In general, the artists work very hard to price their work properly. However, sometimes the price may be negotiable. At Mercury 20 Gallery, pricing is at the discretion of the artist.

How do I get the artwork to my home or office?

Small pieces will be wrapped by the gallery and can usually be transported in a car. For larger pieces, you can arrange with the artist for transportation for an additional charge. The artist may be available to install the work at your home or office for an additional charge as well. You can also have a professional art handler transport and install the artwork.

Do you offer framing services?

Artworks in our inventory may come framed or unframed and are priced accordingly. We can recommend framers to you if you are interested.