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Green, Gold



Artist: Andrea Brewster
Green, Gold, (2022)
PolySmooth Filament, alcohol ink
20 x 7 inches

These pieces are deliberately ambiguous, a fantastical synthesis of biological imagery that ask the viewer to question whether the form is animal, botanical or cellular; subtly shifting focus between a sense of familiarity and the otherworldly. Through an intuitive process, of combining and recombining, I allow elements to organically grow and develop in response to each another; creating “hybrids”, that reference nature, but are not direct imitations of it.

In creating these works, I have drawn heavily on my interest in fiber processes, such as lace making, but I have utilized high tech tools and materials instead of traditional thread. These works are created utilizing a 3D printing pen, a tool whose functionality lies somewhere between a hot glue gun and a 3D printer.

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