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Artist: Peter Honig

Morning, (2020)

archival pigment print mounted on wood panel, encased in acrylic resin

13½ x 56 inches

Ten years ago I moved from the stimulating urban environment of Berkeley to Rattlesnake Canyon on the outskirts of Santa Barbara. The quietness of my surroundings is both intoxicating and frightening, and the experience of confronting this silence has been transformative. With the passing years I have grown to see change where before I saw nothing and this has become the subject of a new body of photographic work that confronts the notion of landscape both physical and emotional, external and internal. Moving through nature I am at once immediately present and thinking of another place, on my feet and in my head.

My landscape photographs reflect this duality; noting the play of light against the surface of a distant planet, they remain rooted in this place, and aspire to the status of memory. My details are obscure, no more or less important than the viewers’, but in sharing them I hope you recognize common ground and find your way home.


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