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AC Transit’s BRT TEMPO Line 7 year long public art project with Lead Artist Johanna Poethig and Mildred Howard with Peter Richards and Joyce Hsu is now featured in a book featuring photographs by Lewis Watts and Raymond Holbert and an essay including interviews with the artists by Leila Weefur. This document collects this 9 mile artwork for 34 Stations and almost 300 connected unique works of art into a layout that reveals its flow of ideas, images and materials.

The book is available through emailing johanna@johannapoethig.com.

You can see a PDF of the book on the website here: https://johannapoethig.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/ACT-BRT-Cultural-CorridorUrban-Flow.pdf?189db0&189db0

Cultural Corridor/Urban Flow is a 9 mile public art work created by the Team Johanna Poethig (a Mercury 20 Gallery artist), Mildred Howard, Peter Richards, Joyce Hsu which employs a ribbon of words and neighborhood iconography to enhance the new AC Transit Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line that connects downtown Oakland, International Boulevard, to San Leandro. Workshops with Oakland’s “Youth Uprising”, San Leandro residents and the broader community, informed, inspired and guided the artists design process. Local poet and writer Elmaz Abinader contributed to the text as it was developed resulting in a 9 mile long poem. Light responsive honeycomb-hex panels, designed for the Enhanced Stations, punctuates the lively visual environment as they respond to people and vehicles moving by. Each Station is a landmark riffing on the unique cultural and social environment of the surrounding neighborhood. Cultural Corridor/Urban Flow considers transportation in the context of all the human constructed systems which enable us to live and prosper on this planet. Moving people and goods freely from one place to another, along with education, communication, commerce, clean water, energy, waste management are just a few of the ways we have devised to provide for fulfilling lives. A sign of a healthy society is when all of these systems flow together in harmony. This is an unfolding work of art that offers a continuous experience of discovery along the TEMPO BRT route.