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Veiled Exhibition Catalogue

Mercury Twenty Gallery member Christine Meuris has a new catalogue!

June 18 2021 to July 24 2021 was Christine’s show Veiled at Mercury 20. In Veiled Meuris explored the idea of casting off self-protection and ignorance with these new semi-transparent works. The show’s title references the “Veil of Illusion,” the veil between the world of the living and the dead. But the inquiry behind these works is about who is protected by the veil—by the not knowing—and who suffers. What is the proper role of illusion? By creating a “cloak” that cannot actually cloak, a “shroud” large enough to function as a burial shroud but that shrouds nothing, and a “veil” that cannot conceal, Meuris is thinking about the ways in which the pandemic year forced a reckoning. It laid bare the dishonesty of our national founding myths, the danger of unfettered globalization, and the unequal distribution of risk and death among the U.S. population and now the world.

The catalogue features the gorgeous photography of Lia Roozendaal and a fascinating essay by Amy DiPlacido, Curator at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles and a statement by the artist.

Copies of the “Veiled” catalogue are for sale in the Mercury Twenty Gallery online shop

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