Kathleen King:
Slipping (Into Something)

August 1 – August 30, 2008

In her latest body of work, Slipping (Into Something), East Bay painter Kathleen King experiments with ideas of fluidity and containment. Developments to the artist’s body of work include combining the punch of metallic and spray paint with the lush dimensionality of oils, refining a process of taping off portions of the paintings, and aggregating marks in an improvised manner. In these paintings, abstract form is created through accident, complex alternation, and asymmetrical patterning. Structure is built and rebuilt in successive layers, coming to rest on a fractured surface. A color palette pushed to excess connects with hard edges and rhythmic brushstrokes. Relying on process, personal experience, and a gritty alchemy, King produces emotionally resonant paintings that continue to explore the possibilities and promises of abstraction in a contemporary setting of multiplicity and risk.

Kathleen King was born in Oakland CA and has a BA in Art from UC Berkeley. Her work has been exhibited locally at Pro Arts, Hang Gallery and 66 Balmy and is represented in numerous private collections.