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Peter Honig, Mary V. Marsh, Jamie Morgan, Anna Vaughan: Encounter

September 2009

Julie Alvarado Catcircus Sm.jpg

Exhibition dates: September 4 – 26 2009

Opening Reception: Friday September 4 from 6-9pm (in conjunction with Oakland Art Murmur)
Reception and Artistsメ Talk: Saturday September 5 from 12-4pm artistsメ talk at 1pm

Julie Alvarado
Heads and Tails: paintings

With her latest body of work Heads and Tails Julie Alvarado has painted classically rendered yet humorous portraits of people and animals in oil acrylic and watercolor. The human subjectメs stories are entwined with the artistメs as well as the creatures with which they share their world. For example the painting of Alvaradoメs friend and colleague Stan Peterson depicts a modern-day wood carver whose love of the craft turns the wooden rabbits he creates into living creatures. Alvaradoメs portrait of a favorite circus performer and her menagerie are enough to make any cat lover’s heart beat a little faster.

julie alvarado
Julie Alvarado Cat Circus 2009 Oil on wood 12 x 12 inches

Jo Ann Biagini
New Work: mixed media

joann biagini

Jo Ann Biagini Black & White 2008 mixed media on paper 38 x 38 inches

Jo Ann Biagini combines image transfer drawing and collage to create large complex works on paper that merge multi-layered images with nuanced surfaces. Biagini uses found book material in a variety of ways — for drawing reference as an actual surface to draw on and collage with and as part of a technique where ink from book pages or xeroxes is transferred to another surface using an acrylic medium. Working intuitively the artist builds up imagery in transparent layers and uses sanding to subtract and blend. Biaginiメs pieces create a visual poetry uncovering connections and relationships among juxtaposed elements from the biological and natural worlds.

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Peter Honig Mary V. Marsh Jamie Morgan Anna Vaughan: Encounter: new work

Peter Honig is an assemblage artist and photographer. A scrap-yard philosopher his compositions of melancholic objects embody wit and pathos.

Drawings of people reading sketched during her daily commute are translated into prints on library cards and newspapers by artist Mary V. Marsh. Commuters engaged in their own private world intersect with the surfaces of the materials the nostalgia of the old cards and newspapers suggest expiring mediums and a history of the changing methods of reading.

Painter Jamie Morganメs interest in the urban landscape evolved from a desire to make art from daily experience and to focus on moments of silence amidst the bustle and change of city life where the interface of the constructed world becomes seamless with the natural.

Responding to the interplay between natural phenomena and the manmade structures that surround her artist Anna Vaughan utilizes the formal elements of line form color and space as she intuitively draws out points of connection and diversion between these two worlds.

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