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Ruth Tabancay: Geometricity

July 2014

Ruth Tabancay: "Interlinked" (detail) (2014) sucroseglucose polyurethane dye 2" x 48" x 96" (photo by Dana Davis)

The work in Ruth Tabancay’s solo exhibition, Geometricity refers to imagery informed by over 2000-year-old Euclidean geometry and the 19th century discovery of the non-Euclidean hyperbolic plane. She uses materials as diverse as Tyvek, beeswax, and yarn for their conceptual and visual impact. Her installation Interlinked composed of hundreds of cast sugar tiles will continue to evolve during the course of the exhibition with its final rendering shown at First Friday on August 1st.

Berkeley artist Ruth Tabancay was born in Watsonville, California and has lived in the Bay Area most of her life. Her work has been exhibited at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Memorial Art Gallery of Rochester and in numerous regional venues including Richmond Art Center, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and Southern Exposure. She received her BA from University of California Berkeley; MD from University of California San Francisco; and BFA from California College of the Arts. Her work is in the collection of the Oakland Museum.

Artist Reception: Saturday, July 12, 4-6pm
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