June 17th - July 23rd, 2022

In French, cultiver son jardin intérieur means to tend to your internal garden. It involves taking care of your mind, cultivating your curiosity, and growing your knowledge. In her new show, The Mind Garden, Sara Lisch creates collages that explore and grow consciousness. Collage, from the French, coller, meaning to glue, is an artistic technique in which varied forms and mediums are combined and, like a garden, take on a life of their own.


Lisch created the works in the show over many years; a lifetime. Mind Garden, one of the central pieces, took five months to develop. Working steadily on it for minutes to hours almost every day, Lisch watched as it transformed and grew. Insights constantly unfolded as the work took shape, producing new shoots of awareness and inspiration. The process is simultaneously expansive and grounding, mysterious and familiar.


Sara Lisch was born in Sechelt, British Columbia, and graduated from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Her work has been exhibited at the Fuller Craft Museum in Massachusetts, the Flint Institute of Arts in Michigan, Santa Fe Clay in New Mexico, Virginia Brier Gallery in San Francisco, and other national venues. She is the creator and curator of Cedar Street Gallery in Berkeley, CA and has been a member of Mercury 20 since 2017.


Sara Lisch Mind Flower
Mind Flower (2022), photo collage, 24 x 24 inches, photo by the artist.

Available Work

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Sara Lisch

Much of my work is floating in the uncharted waters of the inner narrative. Interpersonal dynamics between people and their complicated relationships within themselves lead me to a visual exploration of the human psyche.  Universal themes such as love, sorrow, hope, humor, and irony are used to navigate and reflect the many facets of emotion. I use figurative allegory to narrate stories and open windows into the human experience.  Animal symbolism is often integrated into my work suggesting a primal connection either with oneself or as a vehicle to animate different levels of consciousness.  Much of my creative inspiration comes from the mystery of the subconscience intersecting with the complexities of the world around us.